Advice for a fee

Why an advice for a fee?

Life and pension insurance are insurance products with comparatively high commissions for the intermediary. For example, the agent of a pension insurance of € 200 per month with a term of 37 years receives a one-off commission of up to € 4,500 and an inventory commission of a further € 6,000 spread over the term of the contract.

You pay these commissions with your contributions. Your process performance is not only reduced by the amount of the commission. Since a large part of the commission accrues in the early years, you miss the so important interest effect, so that your loss is a multiple of the commission amount.

We do not find this system fair. The commission amount in no way reflects the actual effort of the consultant. In our view, the often high commission is one of the main reasons that pension insurance companies have such a bad reputation. However, because the statutory pension is unlikely to be sufficient to live a decent life in old age, additional old-age provision cannot be dispensed with. That is why we offer pension insurance on a fee basis.

Fee advice in numbers

In order to understand the great advantage of fee tariffs, it makes sense to look at specific figures. We would like to do this using a sample calculation:

Unit-linked pension insurance with a monthly contribution of € 200, a 37-year term and 6% performance per year:

You do not only benefit from a financial advantage at the end of the contract. If your contract is terminated prematurely, the surrender values ​​are significantly higher in a fee tariff than in a commission tariff.

Fee models by TBO

As a TBO customer, you can choose between 3 fee models, depending on your specific needs:

  • Pure sale: You would like to take out a fund policy with ongoing or one-off contribution payments and do not need any advice. We provide you with a fee and take over the contract processing. For this you pay a one-time fee of € 300. If you would like further support or advice during the contract period, you can book this individually for € 150 per hour.
  • Sale with advice: You would like to conclude a fund policy with ongoing or one-time contribution payment and need detailed advice on this. We provide you with a fee and take over the contract processing. You pay a one-time fee of € 800 for this. You receive ongoing support at no additional cost, for this we will be paid by the insurer with a commission based on your contract value.
  • Retirement planning: You want detailed planning of your pension situation, including the calculation of your pension gap and tax considerations. In this context, you may want to take out one or more pension insurance plans. For this we charge a one-time fee of € 2,000. You receive ongoing support at no additional cost, for this we will be paid by the insurer with a commission based on your contract value.

You can get a detailed overview of our fee models by clicking on the picture opposite.

The specific model will be determined with you within the framework of a fee contract. You can see a sample contract here in advance (German language). We will of course be happy to answer any detailed questions you may have.

Fund policy vs. Fund deposit

Saving money for old age can be done in a variety of ways. In addition to unit-linked pension insurance, fund deposits are also a possible option.

Fund accounts have many advantages. The cost burden is significantly lower than for fund pensions, the product selection is more extensive and the availability is better, i.e. You can get your money faster when you need it.

If you use a fund deposit to build up capital for old-age provision, you should also be aware of the following disadvantages:

  • Longevity: A custodian does not hedge the risk of longevity. You have to divide up the existing money yourself without knowing how long it will take. There may be too much life left at the end of the money. A fund pension, on the other hand, pays a fixed monthly pension on request, no matter how long you live.
  • Taxes: You must tax income from the fund custody every year. This reduces the amount that is available for you to reinvest. Withholding tax does not apply to investments under a fund policy. Despite the lower costs, the maturity of your deposit can be lower than with a fund policy.

Whether a fund policy or rather a fund depot is better suited for you depends on numerous parameters and, in case of doubt, requires individual consideration. Please note that we do not provide advice on investing in the form of fund custody accounts.

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