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We can not completely relieve you of entrepreneurial risks. However, with powerful insurance solutions, you can focus on what you do best – guide your business.

Together with you, we analyze the existential dangers your business is exposed to.

We rely on:

An excellent insurance solution can only be recognized in the event of a claim. The supposedly cheapest products often lead to displeasure in the event of damage. Not infrequently, this also has a direct or indirect impact on your business operations and the economic future of your company.

A high-quality consultation does not end with the conclusion of the contract. You can expect us to provide ongoing support for your contracts, respond to changing laws and market conditions, and continually optimize your portfolio.

Every company is unique. Off-the-shelf insurance products often do not take account of this fact. Therefore, we cooperate with numerous specialist suppliers from home and abroad in order to be able to offer you the optimal solution.

Only those who have an excellent knowledge of the insurance market can help their customers with the product search and benefit claim. With more than 25 years of industry experience, we are committed to your needs.

If both parties decide to work together, we will conclude a brokerage contract. You can get all the information you need by clicking on the button below.

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Risk check

Many companies have insurance contracts, the content and quality of which they do not know exactly. They are also often unaware of the uninsured risks and what effects they can have in the event of a claim. Nevertheless, the change of consultant is often shied away, whether because of old ties or because of the supposed effort.

We developed our risk check for precisely these cases. Companies can use this without being a TBO customer. We check your insurance situation for a one-time fee of € 700.00 plus VAT. You do not take any risks:

  • If we show you previously unknown insurance risks or if we offer you better conditions without you subsequently deciding for us, you have received a well-founded second opinion at low cost and gained important insights.
  • If we are unable to show you previously unknown risks or offer better conditions, we waive our fee.
  • If you decide to switch to TBO, we will refund the fee.

You can only win with our risk check. We look forward to your inquiry!

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Risk Management

Insurance is only part of a professional risk management of companies. Since every claim involves an unwanted disruption of business operations, we work with you to develop a multi-stage process:

What are the risks to your industry in general? Which company-specific risks do you specifically have?

How can you avoid risks? What effect does this have on your business operations?

How can you minimize the consequences of unavoidable damage?

Which high-performance insurance solutions can take over the financial consequences of a loss?

What lessons can you learn from the claim? What measures are suitable for avoiding future damage?

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