ESG criteria in our advice

When selecting insurance companies and insurance products, we take into account the information provided by insurers on dealing with sustainability risks. We may not offer insurers who clearly do not include a strategy for including sustainability risks in their investment decisions.

In the context of individual advice in the interests of the customer, we separately show if the consideration of sustainability risks in the investment decision means an advantage or disadvantage that we can recognize for the individual customer. The insurer provides information about the respective consideration of sustainability risks with its pre-contractual information. If there are any questions, our customers are welcome to contact us in advance of a possible deal.

As part of the consultation, the most important negative effects on sustainability factors of financial market participants (insurers) are taken into account. It is taken into account on the basis of the information provided by the insurance companies on their sustainability. The broker is not responsible for their correctness.

At the moment, the insurers can only take into account information on your company based on information that is building up, but may still be rudimentary, and thus not yet comprehensively.

The remuneration for brokering insurance companies is not based on the sustainability risks associated with their investments. In particular, this means that the level of remuneration for the product is not positively or negatively influenced by the sustainability risks of the plant.

When advising on insurance investment products, we include sustainability risks by observing the offers on the market. When making our recommendation, we check whether the insurance company that we recommend takes sustainability risks into account in a manner that we consider appropriate.

If the insurance company does not take sustainability risks into account in a manner that we consider appropriate, we will not offer it. We advise our customers of this if this restricts the choice of insurer.

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