Customer portal

We offer our customers the option of applying for their own portal access through our customer management program. This service is free of charge for you. In the customer portal you can view all contract data and view and download the relevant documents. You also have the option of contacting us from the customer portal using a messenger function.

Contract overview

In your personal access to the customer portal you will find all the contracts of you and your family clearly arranged, regardless of whether they are insurance, building society contracts, real estate loans or consumer loans.

Contract details

After clicking on a contract you will find the most important information such as contribution amount or term. You will also find all the contract documents that we archive for you here. So you always have them at hand.

Document upload

Would you like to store your own documents on the contract and send them to us? With our document upload, this is unproblematic and safe.

Chat function

Our customer portal contains a chat function with which you can contact us directly. So you can e.g. Ask questions about your contracts or request documents. The chat history is archived in your account and can be called up at any time.

If you already have an activation to the customer portal, you can log in here.

If you don’t have an account yet, you can apply for one here.