Private clients

No matter what stage of life you are in or how high your earnings are, our aim is to provide customers with guidance and advice to make more informed decisions about their financial situation in order to achieve their monetary goals. Hence, we are welcoming all customers who are motivated to optimize their financial affairs, willing to trust into and recognize the value of our services. If you are looking for an honest exchange and a long-term partnership, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We are not bound to business hours or an office. Consultations can take place at your home, a location of your desire or even by phone or Skype.

We are looking forward to meet you!

First meeting

The first interview is fundamental for you free of charge. During this conversation you should find out whether you would like to work with us in the future. You have the opportunity to develop a feeling for whether we are a suitable contact person for you in all financial matters. Please keep in mind that you should entrust your financial advisor with many personal things so that he has a sufficient basis for his recommendation. Therefore, the financial advisor should be trustworthy and honest.

The first interview is also very important for us. We have to find out whether the “chemistry” is right and whether you value our service sufficiently. We take numerous liability risks as part of our advice and have a great responsibility for our customers. We can only wear these if you are also aware of the importance of cooperation.

If both parties decide to work together, we will conclude a brokerage contract. You can get all the information you need by clicking on the button below.

Brokerage contract


We are interested in a trusting and above all long-term cooperation with you. We work hard for you every day and offer a wealth of services. These include:

    • Comprehensive risk analysis of your personal and financial situation
    • Review of your existing insurance contracts for quality, completeness and price / performance ratio
    • Complete processing of all insurance applications
    • Regular review of your existing contracts
    • Correspondence with all insurance companies including relocation reports, changes to bank details etc.
    • Claim notification and extensive support in the event of a claim
    • Management of your insurance contracts and digital customer folder

The basis for trusting cooperation is transparency. For this reason, we would be happy to disclose how much we earn from arranging and managing your contracts.

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Retirement planning

Time and again we realize with horror that most people in Germany are in absolute blind flight with regard to their retirement planning. “I’ve finished something there, but I do not know exactly what!”, “Our home and the statutory pension will be enough somehow.” And “We’ll inherit, of course!” Are statements that we often hear.

Unfortunately, if we retire with an estimated 67 years, we can not turn back the clock and make up for any omissions. Therefore, it makes sense from our point of view to get an early overview.

  • What amount do I have to spend on a regular basis from today to meet my pension target?
  • What impact do inflation, return and personal life expectancy have on it?
  • What is the most effective expiration service I can expect from my existing contracts?
  • Which state subsidies are available to me?
  • What happens to planning in case of occupational disability or the death of a family member?

We try to answer these and other questions together with you. We are happy to provide advice on a fee basis. Then you can be sure that we will not sell you a product just to receive the highest possible remuneration.

Advice for a fee

Real estate finance

For many people in Germany, real estate is still the most popular way to invest in old-age provision. Should you also have the desire to buy a property, we will be happy to advise you on the advantages and disadvantages.

In a personal discussion, we work with you to determine which financing volume is right for you and which other points should be considered in the planning process. Once you have made the decision for a specific property, we are able to choose the right financing for you from a variety of offers from numerous banks.

We accompany you from the first conversation to the payment of the last installment and are at your side during this time with advice and action.

You can also take advantage of our advice when extending your financing (so-called prolongation). As a result, we can often shorten the remaining term of your financing or lower your monthly rate.

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