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Based on a long-standing cooperation, Tim Becker and Björn Olbrich decided to found TBO Versicherungsmakler GmbH together. Both founders have been working in the insurance industry for more than 10 years and have gained extensive experience in various fields.

We believe that good and truly independent financial advisors are needed by the people. Unfortunately, well-trained consultants are rare and moral action has become an absolute luxury in times of distribution pressure. Many consultants are primarily trained by banks and insurers to sell products. Too much expertise is now seen as an obstacle to successful distribution of financial services products. We counter this trend successfully.

As an independent insurance broker, we are not bound to individual insurance companies or banks and can therefore provide objective and free advice.

You are in good hands with us!

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Without the constraints of pure product sales, we are independent and reputable consultants for our customers in all financial matters. We see ourselves as guides in the jungle of insurance tariffs and financial products. We inform our clients neutrally and create the necessary transparency so that they can make their decisions on a sound basis.
We see ourselves as personal advisors who are only legally obliged to serve the interests of their clients. The standard of our advice is always the question of what we would do ourselves from the perspective of our clients.

We have almost all product providers available, whose offer we evaluate independently and neutrally for you. We are not committed to a bank, insurance company, investment company or any other product partner, but only act as a representative of our clients’ interests.

By cooperating with specialized service providers, we are able to permanently filter the market and thus ensure high product quality. Our clients benefit from a regular review of their insurance contracts with corresponding recommendations for future adjustments.

Today, due to the constantly increasing competitive pressure, most insurance companies endeavor to make their products as incomparable as possible for the customer. Even with the help of internet comparison portals, the layperson practically fails to recognize the differences between the individual offers.

The focus is often only on the price and not on the performance.

Especially in the sensitive insurance sector, where long-term contracts are often entered into and where there are usually existential risks to be covered, errors in the conclusion of the contract only become apparent when it is too late.

The consequences are usually expensive and unfortunately can no longer be corrected.

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Range of Services

We offer our customers a wide range of insurance and finance products. These include:

  • All branches of insurance:
    • Life/Pension Insurance
    • Investments covered by insurance
    • Biometric insurance such as occupational disability, nursing care or accident insurance
    • Comprehensive and supplementary health insurance
    • Statutory health insurance
    • Foreign Travel Insurance
    • Composite insurance such as home content insurance, liability insurance, legal protection and residential building insurance
    • Car insurance
  • Commercial insurances
  • Home savings contracts (“Bausparverträge”)
  • Real estate finance
  • Personal loans

Free investments, e.g. in investment funds or shares, are not part of our product range, but there is a cooperation with Remi5 GmbH (see also https://www.tbovm.de/privatkunden/#geldanlage). Geographically, we are currently active throughout Germany, Austria, France, Luxembourg and Malta, but can also insure foreign risks (e.g. holiday homes, foreign branches of our corporate customers) in most other countries if required.

We do not see ourselves as pure product brokers. Our work goes far beyond that. Below is a small selection of our services:

  • Analysis of your insurance situation
  • Supervision of existing contracts, of course, even if they were not brokered by us
  • Regular, proactive review of your contracts
  • Complete application processing
  • risk pre-inquiries
  • Services related to the existing contract such as address and bank details changes
  • Accompaniment in the event of a claim from reporting the claim to payment
  • Takeover of all communication with the product providers
  • Reminder service, e.g. for Riester allowances or voluntary co-payments in fund policies

Experience has shown that our customers receive a noticeable relief, as they no longer have to worry about unpleasant paperwork and can be sure that we have everything important in view.

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Tim Becker

Before I started my studies at Heinrich-Heine University in Düsseldorf in 1998, I had completed an apprenticeship as a bank clerk at a private bank in Düsseldorf. I also remained loyal to this bank during my business studies and participated in the support of private and corporate customers in Germany and abroad as part of a student support program.

After my studies, I looked after the sales partners of one of the largest German insurance companies as a specialist in the area of ​​investment products for several years. In the course of this activity, I was able to gain valuable insights into all facets of financial advice as well as retirement planning and hedging private risks.

In the last phase of this activity, however, the desire developed to advise my own customers as independently as possible according to my ideas. So I decided to look after wealthy customers for one of the largest German retail banks. However, I had to find out that despite the product-independent advisory strategy practiced by this bank, some restrictions – due to the size of the company – made optimal advice to customers difficult. So I decided to take a completely independent and independent position in the market.

As an insurance and financial broker, I have been legally on the customer’s side since the beginning of 2009 and can work in the interests of my clients.

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Björn Olbrich

I supported independent mediators while studying mathematics at the HTWK in Leipzig. I continued on this path even after I successfully completed my studies and in 2008 I switched to one of the largest broker pools in Germany. There I was responsible for establishing broker support in the area of ​​property insurance. Over 1,000 insurance brokers received professional support from me for the optimal care of their customers.

Independence has always been my top priority. Regardless of the interests of the insurers. Regardless of sales targets. Regardless of economic constraints. This is the only way for me to act in the interests of my customers.

My special focus is on advising private and commercial customers on the protection of property and liability risks. Through various advanced training courses, such as those for technical underwriters in commercial and industrial property insurance, and the experience gained from securing many thousands of people and companies, it is possible for me to provide professional support to other broker colleagues and insurers.

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