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As an insurance broker, our work does not end with the mediation of the insurance contract. On the contrary, it is only just beginning. Our tasks include, in particular, the ongoing support of existing insurance contracts with small and large changes, adjustments and support in the event of a claim. We conduct correspondence with the insurers for our clients, check for market changes or new legal requirements Regulate your contracts steadily and actively approach you to recommend improvements.

We are also happy to offer this service for existing contracts that are currently not supported by us. We can take on almost any existing contract in our administration, so that our clients have only one contact for all of their insurance policies. In order to be able to guarantee this ongoing support, it is important that you keep us informed about changes in your personal situation and your risk appetite.

In order to make your help as easy as possible, we have developed this website and ask you to fill out the following form carefully. We are of course happy to answer any questions you may have!

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    Liability risks

    As a private person, you have unlimited liability under the BGB for damage that you culpably cause to third parties. This also includes damage caused by your possession or things that are in your care, such as Animals, buildings or boats.

    There are various liability insurance policies to protect yourself against any claims. These include following insurance lines:

    • Private liability insurance

    • Animal liability insurance

    • Home and landowner liability insurance

    • House building liability insurance

    • Other liability insurances


    Owning a home, building a new home and even renting an apartment or a room in a shared apartment creates risks. Natural hazards such as storms or natural hazards, crimes committed by third parties or fires can destroy your property and cause loss of life. You can, among other things, protect with the following insurance lines:

    • Household insurance

    • Glass insurance

    • Property insurance

    • Photovoltaic insurance

    • Construction insurance

    Legal disputes

    The cost risk from legal disputes continues to rise. On the one hand, the fees for lawyers and courts are increased regularly, on the other hand, the increasing willingness to fight leads to more and more lawsuits. In practice, a lack of cost protection often leads to people being unable to enforce their rights. On the other hand, insurance solutions can help, including:

    • Private legal protection insurance (private / professional / traffic / housing / criminal law)

    • Landlord legal protection insurance

    • Personal D&O

    Accidential risks

    The financial consequences of a serious accident are partly covered by other lines of insurance such as liability, disability and health insurance. Nevertheless, various gaps arise; but also not only if the aforementioned insurance policies do not exist or only insufficiently.

    This topic includes following insurance lines:

    • Accident insurance

    • Child disability insurance

    Car insurance

    Motor vehicle liability insurance is compulsory for most motor vehicles. However, this only insures damage to third parties, but not to your own vehicle. Therefore, extensions through partial and fully comprehensive insurance, protective letters and various additional modules are possible and often sensible.

    Incidentally, we check your car insurance every year and will contact you automatically if we can recommend a sensible change. You don't have to do anything.

    Health care

    If you have statutory health insurance, there are numerous ways to improve coverage beyond the benefits provided by statutory health insurance. It may also be possible to switch to private health insurance, or to switch to private health insurance or to change tariffs.

    To protect against illness risks there are the following insurance lines:

    • Full private health insurance

    • International travel health insurance

    • Travel cancellation insurance

    • Private supplementary health insurance

    Insurance of work ability

    Our workforce represents a large part of your assets and we strongly recommend that you secure them with suitable insurance solutions. Unfortunately, the state does not offer any viable protection and in the event of disability, the very existence is threatened in most cases. The protection of the worker can include through the following insurance lines:

    • Disability insurance

    • Dread Disease

    • Basic ability insurance

    • Daily benefits insurance

    Protection against death

    The death of a loved one is emotionally difficult or difficult to process. If financial concerns are added afterwards, the processing process is often made significantly more difficult. Risk life insurance can of course not change the pain of the bereaved. However, it can ensure that you can focus on the grief and not have to worry about money problems.

    Care case insurance

    The benefits of compulsory long-term care insurance are unfortunately far from sufficient to cover the costs of care in the event of care. The pension providers then demand the consumption of their own assets, the sale of their own real estate and increasingly take their relatives into recourse. Private supplementary long-term care insurance can be a good solution here. We strongly recommend protection in this area.

    * If you are unsure whether your existing coverage is sufficient, we recommend to request for an advice by TBO.

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    Retirement planning

    In our view, the vast majority of people in Germany face poverty in old age. The possible solutions for this are diverse, see also (German language). We therefore strongly recommend that you take advice on this topic.

    We no longer offer advice on a commission basis in the area of ​​old-age provision. Rather, we offer detailed planning of your retirement plans based on a fee agreed in advance. The implementation then takes place with commission-free tariffs for which we no longer receive a separate final commission. You'll find more about it here:


    Real estate finance

    As an independent financing broker, we work with a large number of banks and building societies. These include supraregional large banks, savings banks, Volksbanks and direct banks. We would be happy to accompany you on your way to your own four walls and find the right financing solution for you. We provide our services not only in connection with real estate loans for newly acquired properties, but also for prolongations (extensions after the end of the fixed interest period), refinancing and forward loans to secure interest for future follow-up financing.


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